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Where Do I Begin....

Born in Bennington, VT in the wee-early 60's, I moved with my family throughout my childhood, never staying in one place, or one school, more than 2-4 years. Our travels took me to Princeton NJ, Tokyo Japan, Kamakura Japan, Belle Mead NJ, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Los Angeles CA, Tsing Hua Taiwan, Ganeshpuri India, and eventually landing in New York. 

I had attended the University of Victoria in 1980, majoring in Acting through their 4-year Theatre program, earning my BFA in 1984.  I landed my first agent, and began acting on stage, earning my Canadian Equity membership, as well as landing work on many commercials, TV shows and films, gaining me membership in ACTRA.  After starring with lead roles in two Canadian feature films in 1989, I moved to LA, where I immediately landed the role of the mother to the Horror Icon, Freddy Krueger, in Nightmare on Elm Street 5 - the Dream Child.  Little did I know that this role as Amanda Krueger would have lasting affects on my life over 3 decades later!

Though my acting career was humming along nicely, life had other plans for me. Due to relationship reasons, I decided to take a break from Hollywood, and moved to Taiwan for a year, re-connecting with my mother, who was teaching there at the time.  I taught acting and English while there, but eventually felt the pull of my spiritual life, which drew me to my teacher's ashram in a tiny village in the rural country side of Maharastra. I lived in India for two years, doing volunteer work, and focusing on my inner spiritual work.

The day I decided I would devote the rest of my life to that work, and was ready to forego marriage, and become a monk, my teacher kicked me out of the ashram, sending me, with a one-way ticket, to NY, of all places. I knew noone in NY! But long story short, I ended up meeting the man that eventually I married and we have been together ever since, raising our two sons.  I have been teaching yoga, running my own yoga studio, and only occassionaly acting in local plays, just to keep my acting chops sharp.

This year, finding myself a new empty nester, with both my sons off to college, I have turned my focus back to my first love - getting involved more with all things acting related. I have begun attending Horror Conventions to meet my fans, and am in talks for several upcoming independent films.

There's a whole next chapter of my life beginning, and who knows what's in store next?!

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