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The back story to Freddy Krueger's beginnings, told from the perspective and voice of his mother - Amanda Krueger, and written by the actor who brought this character to life in Elm Street 5 the Dream Child!  Only available here or in person from Beatrice Boepple when she appears at Cons!

The Krueger Curse: A Nightmare Before Elm Street

  • Author and actress Beatrice Boepple has composed a fantastic and thought-provoking book that all of the dedicated fans of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise will instantly love. Her novel, "The Krueger Curse: A Nightmare Before Elm Street" effectively answers all of the unanswered questions to the horrific origins of the Freddy Krueger. The novel is dark and heart breaking at the same time, as the story is presented from the tortured voice of Freddy's own mother, Amanda Krueger. But who better than Freddy's own mother, also portrayed by the book's author Beatrice Boepple in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" to reveal Freddy's own twisted back story? Altogether, Beatrice manages to deliver a masterpiece that the late Wes Craven would surely approve of.

    -Michael Leo Centi, Glamboy Productions


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